Polaris develops co-creative innovation partnerships to speed their transformation into nimble digital enterprises. High-Productivity Outsourcing (HPO) creates digital, cloud-based solutions that leverage your technology while saving time and effort.

Align interests to reduce labor and costs.

At Polaris Consulting, we have challengedthe traditional outsourcing model of labor arbitrage. Instead, we align our interest with yours to reduce the number of FTEs and hours spent on an engagement.

Instead, our HPO model focuses both Polaris and our clients on co-creating innovative solutions that reduce manual labor, increase automation, and drive digital 360 transformation. Our HPO engagement compensation model and performance guarantees ensure that our interests coincide with yours in achieving breakthrough financial products.

Optimize efficiency through digital transformation.

An 80/20 model makes it possible.

An innovation partnership with Polaris Consulting is the ideal way to ensure that you maximize flexibility while you maintain control.

New technology solutions that change your value proposition.

Our HPO model focuses on outcome- and output-based service delivery models—with 20% of our engagements based on time and materials and 80% based on output.

We combine our experience in financial services with our direct knowledge of client systems. This allows us to co-create new technology solutions that make your migration to the cloud painless and productive. Working with the Polaris HPO model, we enable you to turn your digital transformation into new products that serve your customers better.

The HPO engagement model is the ideal solution for a wide range of financial services, including mobility/digital, payments, testing services, risk/compliance, and infrastructure management services.

Gain the time and cost savings of a proven process.

And a guaranteed ROI.

Co-creative innovation may be new to other vendors. But not to Polaris. We have established a training, innovation, and management process, backed with a proven roadmap.

We take our partnership with you seriously.

So seriously, in fact, that we share the risks and rewards of the initiatives we undertake. Based on our history of successful engagements with some of the world’s leading financial services organizations, we have developed a methodology that follows a roadmap with stages that include:

The HPO Practice institutionalizes outsourcing success.

Our HPO practice The HPO model is based on three pillars of innovation: the intensive, client-specific Polaris Academy, the horizontally focused Innovation Labs, and Polaris’ outcome-based contracts with performance guarantees.

1. HPO Academy

The deeply immersive HPO Academy training program grounds co-creation and shared innovation in business and project practice. When establishing academies we work directly with clients to create orientation, business, and technology awareness and system-specific training courses.

2. HPO Innovation Labs

Client-centric innovation labs are established on themes driven by client priority, such as digital banking, payment, and risk/regulatory. The main focus of the labs is to drive forward-looking technology optimization.

3. HPO Performance Guarantee

Polaris places a percentage of the monthly revenues received from the client at risk. This ensures that both Polaris and the client have a vested interest in delivery of the productivity improvements agreed.

More and more forward-thinking financial executives realize the need to embrace values-based outsourcing models like HPO over traditional human-resources based models. Find out how the Polaris HPO Practice can help you create your next generation of innovative financial services.