The testing process is a crucial part of any software development process. Polaris Application Certification Enterprise (PACE) provides independent verification and testing services for financial institutions as well as government agencies and non-banking customers.

With extensive experience in testing services, Polaris is a leader in this area – drawing upon a vast repository of existing test cases to provide a fast and thorough service. Gartner has rated PACE one of the world’s top three specialty testing service providers for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector by capability.

Comprehensive testing support

You might be looking for external expertise to augment your in-house testing processes. Or you might need a partner to take complete responsibility for the end-to-end process and help you realize your digital transformation goals. With a team of over 1,700 experienced professionals, our global network of testing labs mean we can provide a follow-the-sun model with round the clock coverage.

Building to succeed

Advancements in big data, mobile and social media technology are prompting banks to develop strategies that allow them to interact with customers in new ways. Meanwhile, the time to market for new initiatives has reduced. There’s a greater need than ever for faster and better testing services which bring solutions to market quickly and flawlessly.

This has led to the development of Test Driven Development (TDD), where software is tested while it is being built – not at the end of the process. Drawing upon TDD principles, our Testing-as-a-Service methodology makes the testing process quicker, easier and more effective. By testing before the development process begins, we develop software that is designed to pass the test. The result: a faster and more efficient build process, higher quality code and greater flexibility to adapt to changing customer requirements.

Reducing test automation time

We’ve developed accelerators which increase the efficiency of testing – such as TestXpress, an easy-to-use application which reduces test automation time by as much as 70%. Our efficient testing process means that development cost and time can be reduced by around 20% across the entire development lifecycle. And with most of our engagements based on zero defect delivery, everything works as it should when the solution goes live.

Extensive market knowledge

With a clear focus on the BFSI industry – around 85% of the team is focused on serving this sector – we have a clear understanding of different customer methodologies and best practices within the industry.

Services to suit your needs

We can help you with any aspect of the testing process. Our services include:

Mobile testing. Common mobile banking challenges include supporting multiple platforms, browsers and devices, as well as overcoming different connectivity speeds in different locations. Our Mobile Testing Solution incorporates functional and non-functional testing services, as well as user experience testing, app installation testing and network testing.

ATM testing. With over ten years’ experience of ATM solutions and services, an exclusive testing lab containing over 70 ATMs and a repository of over 15,000 ATM test cases, our ATM testing services include installation testing, hardware device testing and performance and security compliance.

Security testing. As networks and applications evolve, new vulnerabilities and threats continue to emerge. Our security testing offerings include application security testing, secure code reviews and network security assessments, as well as mobile application testing.

Performance testing. From performance advisory services to diagnostics and process consulting, PACE Performance Engineering practice can help you tackle challenges such as budget constraints and end-user demands.

Regulatory testing. With many new regulations coming into force, regulatory compliance is a key topic in the financial services industry. Our regulatory testing services, which include system integration testing, report testing and non-functional testing, help you ensure software compliance with regulations such as Basel III, Solvency II and Dodd-Frank.

Big data testing. Big data has led to the development of a range of new business applications, such as risk modelling and customer experience analytics. Our big data testing capabilities can be leveraged to identify defects, streamline development time and reduce the total cost of ownership for big data applications.

Other key offerings include:

  • POS, IVR, portal and cross-browser testing
  • Payments testing
  • Test automation
  • Database migration testing
  • Configuration management
  • Test environment management.

In addition, we offer a range of advisory and consulting services, including test process consulting, test management consulting and test tool and automation ROI analysis. To support your digital transformation project, we provide operational readiness testing and business process testing services.


With extensive knowledge and experience in the BFSI sector, our testing services draw upon an unparalleled repository of over 135,000 test cases, leveraging the experience we’ve gained working with leading organizations in this sector. At the same time, our standardized processes, guidelines, tools and accelerators support a highly effective testing process.