Integrate multiple legacy systems to accelerate the time to market for new digital interfaces. The Polaris Middleware Practice builds the communications networks and integrates systems for Digital 360 success.

Through the combined strengths of our proprietary middleware design tools and solutions-focused hub frameworks, we connect the systems out in the cloud and inside the data center.

Unlock legacy systems data.

Create a seamless digital customer experience.

At Polaris, we know that most financial legacy systems were designed from a product-centric perspective. Designing new services and a seamless, customer-centric digital experience takes extensive experience in using middleware to unlock data trapped in siloes.

Fast integration of multiple systems and data transformation.

The Polaris Middleware Center of Excellence gives our engineers the expertise in finance, banking, and our proprietary tools to do the job right the first time. Integration of cross-platform data and applications is speedy and cost-effective.

Polaris leverages its extensive experience in integrating systems for a wide range of financial applications – including payments, customer onboarding and customer service, and digital banking – to the implementation of solution hubs.

We also draw on our other Centers of Excellence to make sure that middleware connects. With legacy mainframes and data structures. With modern digital interfaces. With the mobile devices your customers use, wherever they are. That’s 360 digital transformation, integrated with middleware expertise.

Speed development and cut costs.

There’s no better way to reduce systems migration risk than with proven Polaris middleware and migration methodologies and proprietary hub frameworks.

Increase capacities by up to 10 times. The Polaris Payments Hub provides a digital template for payments integration, used by one global bank to gain 10 times more processing capacity. Secure, reliable middleware systems built by experienced Polaris developers provide the basis custom payments processing systems. We leverage our customer tools and experience with payments rules and workflows to cut development time and costs.

Create a seamless digital consumer experience. The Polaris Onboard Hub connects siloed systems to facilitate the often difficult onboarding process. Our experts integrate data from multiple systems so that customers can enter and receive information from a common interface.

Gain new control and visibility. Polaris Business Process Management solutions provide a transparent, agile, effective end-to-end platform for aligning processes with IT and cutting costs.

Roll out new services faster. Our service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions cut roll out time in half for one customers. SOA solutions are highly scalable, feature reusable components, and can run on cost-effective hardware.

Manage your information spread across disparate systems…efficiently. Using middleware for secure and reliable data communications and transformation, we provide you with standardized and customizable formats for information management.

The Polaris Middleware Practice team

Success Stories

Our payments and collections solution for one of Europe’s largest banks increased capacity by more than 10 times (from less than 1 million messages per day to 10 million per day)

A new retail Internet offering for a leading bank deployed 54 services on the Polaris SOA and integration platforms and reduced rollout cycle time by half

We used middleware support to reengineer the BPM platform for a leading firm, resulting in streamlined access to business knowledge in one centralized layer and enabled increased speed and efficiency

Middleware Platforms and Technologies

Our Expertise

Polaris Middleware Practice experts understand the systems integration and data transformation power of middle platforms and technologies that include:


  • Appian BMP
  • IBM MQ


  • Java
  • .NET
  • Pega 7