Fast-track value by applying a designer’s approach to align customer needs and desires with technology innovation and business strategy

Design Thinking – At the Beginning of the Process

Typical problem-solving methods involve designers at the end of the process, asking them to make a preconceived product or service “look pretty”. However, Polaris is the only financial technology provider in the world that employs an end-to-end “design thinking” approach that incorporates what is desired by customers with what makes sense both technically and economically.

The Polaris Commitment to Design Thinking Drives Results

Every project in which Polaris engages reflects our deep understanding of how finance plays a role in the lives of individuals, communities and financial institutions. Our dedication to this differentiating approach is made evident – and tangible – thorough:

FT8012 – The World’s Only Financial Technology Design Centers

Each FT8012 Design Center is a tangible, hands-on, 30,000 square foot commitment to design thinking. Two facilities in Chennai and Mumbai, India, soon will be joined by a third in the United States, just outside New York City. The name “FT8012” comes from the geographic coordinates of the first center in Chennai: 80o longitude and 12o latitude.

The centers enable Polaris design teams and our clients to co-create profound breakthroughs in financial technology. They actively foster deconstruction of current processes and embedded assumptions, which empowers teams to invent new solutions that deliver groundbreaking results. This all results in drastically reduced application rollout durations, with both cost and speed benefits, discovered in real time.

Quantifying Innovation: Assess, Appraise and Inspire

An enterprise-wide framework and index is designed to gauge the efficiency, scalability and flexibility of financial services applications and based on seven key dimensions: Customer Experience, Operations Efficiency, Performance Optimization, Analytics, Risk Management, Integration and Security.

Integrating Business Process, Technology and Operations: Simultaneous Improvement

All Polaris client engagements integrate inputs from all three of these critical perspectives, which facilitates common terminology, frameworks and comprehensive reference documentation that foster cross-functional solutions.

Precision Engineering: Advance with Accuracy

Our distinctive Precision Engineering approach is based on a foundation of well-defined development and project management processes, plus highly-standardized technical architecture references. Combining this toolset with our expert consulting services enables clients to undertake digital transformation with a well-equipped and informed partner. Two key components of Precision Engineering are Application Testing Capabilities and Business Process Mapping.