Adopt Right Software To Reduce Technology Debt

The technology stack of a software application is decided during its inception phase. Numerous software technologies, each of various versions are available for the development of enterprise applications and software products. As the choice of technology is important in determining the time to market and Return on Investment (ROI) of the developed application, choosing its right version is equally important. Failure to choose the right technology or its version could lead to debt called Technology Debt.

How Effective is Your Enterprise Social Network?

This paper explores the needs of a smart and agile work place and changes that Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) are bringing into enterprises.

Capital Market Influencers

Capital Markets are primarily driven by the exchange of Capital (in the form of cash or security) by those in need of Capital and by those offering it.

Robust testing methodology and good codes are vital to keep critical systems running in capital markets

Erroneous software sometimes play havoc in Capital markets. In 2012, the NASDAQ and other global stock exchanges were affected due to erroneous software not once, but thrice within a period of just three months!

Application Consolidation 'May' be the panacea for the BFSI sector today!

The world is changing fast and lot more changes are taking place in IT and in BFSI vertical...

Knowledge Shelving and Wiring

Connect business knowledge to systems, processes and users

Banking Architecture Reference

Taxonomy – A Simple, But Invaluable

Banking Relationships

How can treasurers simplify their banking relationships without compromising on efficiency?

Best Practices Framework for Derivatives Practice

Derivative instruments are financial contracts whose value is derived from the value of underlying assets, credit, interest...

Code Clone Detection

A new approach..