Insurance companies of all types are undergoing digital transformation that could begin anywhere along the spectrum – from electronic conversion of paper documentation to providing policyholders, agents/brokers and operational users with complete online access to every aspect of the insurance lifecycle. No matter where your company may be, Polaris can help enhance the technology interactions of all stakeholders.

Increase efficiency by 15-20% and sales performance by 5-10% by eliminating paper-based dependencies and manual processes of new business submission

Our Innovative Digital 360 Approach

Our Digital Enterprise 360 approach improves your business from all angles. Outside, your customers enjoy a consistent digital experience for products and services across all channels and brands. Inside, we help simplify and automate internal processes to minimize costs and boost revenue. Additionally, with over 25 years of deep domain expertise, our unique understanding of financial systems powers seamless integrations.

Automation Drives Innovation

Fast, efficient and economical automation replaces outdated, costly legacy systems and manual processes. Agents/brokers and policyholders enjoy complete digital access to product information, quoting, underwriting and sign-up. When incidents occur, claim filing, resolution and payment also can be handled entirely online. You also can create new products quicker than ever, thanks to Polaris’ advanced and automated testing solutions.

Our 400+ insurance business and technology professionals possess rich life and non-life industry experience, as well as extensive proficiency with application development, maintenance and testing. Polaris employs a proprietary, structured process that helps carriers automate manual processes, reduce costs, improve security and speed time to market.

Full-Lifecycle Solutions Accelerate Technology Interaction

Front Office
  • User Experience Solutions
  • Agent/Broker Solutions
Middle Office
  • Document Solutions
  • Data Solutions
Back Office
  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Testing Solutions

Front Office

  • Consistent and Customized User Experience Solutions: User-centered design is simple, scalable and reusable – across web, tablet and mobile. This provides a seamless interaction among different users, all while helping each audience focus on their specific priorities and needs. Ease of use reduces the lead time of any transaction, decreases operational costs, and increases both customer and agent/broker satisfaction and retention.
  • Faster and More Rewarding Agent/Broker Solutions: Improve the complete range of agent/broker activities, from client on boarding and portfolio oversight to compensation payment and rewards fulfillment. Sales managers gain improved visibility of both their overall organization and the agent pipeline. Our SLA-driven, cloud-based managed services model requires zero CAPEX and reduces OPEX by 50%.
    • An optional end-to-end Rewards Solution for agents/brokers integrates with any channel portal, channel management system or payment gateway.
    • Additionally, our Mobile Point of Sale Solution helps reduce sales turnaround time by up to 80%, increases data accuracy, decreases unit costs and enhances overall satisfaction. Automating the end-to-end new business process, it includes e-Submission, e-Payment and digital signatures on the agent’s/broker’s mobile device – all with a direct interface to your Policy Administration System.

Middle Office

  • Centralized and Secure Document Solutions: Connect all stakeholders to speed policyholder on boarding and allow for seamless and secure transfer of data among all parties – while dramatically reducing costs. Plug and play implementation ensures compatibility with existing legacy applications. You also can easily execute new insurance programs, as well as incorporate regulatory or legislative changes.
  • Meaningful Information Enhances Engagement via Data Solutions: Tap the vast amount of actionable information available from your in-house and social media data. Boost lead generation, gauge policyholder satisfaction, detect and prevent fraud...and more. Additionally, our Big Data Lab helps you identify, engineer and evaluate data-intensive opportunities for the future.

Back Office

  • Rapid Conversion with Legacy Migration Solution: Achieve 30-50% savings due to automation via our tools-based approach that extracts business logic from legacy code, which speeds new system development while reducing overall migration costs and time. More than 300 ready-to-use business components provide agility and speed to market, while our comprehensive test cases repository helps ensure defect-free releases and reduces the cost of quality by 20-30%.
  • Swift Validation through Testing Solutions: Significantly reduce test case preparation time via consultants who leverage our reusable repository of 10,000+ insurance domain test cases and 1000+ test scenarios. Both proprietary and industry standard tools are engaged to facilitate end-to-end managed testing services across multiple insurance functions.