Polaris customers today are connected, informed, social and keen for quick action, key traits that announce the arrival of the digital natives. Keeping customers linked, engaged, and informed to provide superior experience has become a key imperative for enterprises. Additionally, enterprises are not just focused on portfolio or channel rationalization, they are looking at holistic approaches to build and transform their organizations; evaluating new business models to disrupt the market and address the needs of tech savvy partners and colleagues.

The Vision
Digital Transformation has become a key strategic initiative adopted by enterprises to break free from current impediments of product silos, sub-optimal customer service, operational stagnation and inadequate actionable business intelligence.

Polaris is increasingly being seen as a Rapid Digital Transformer and a partner of choice for companies not just across financial services but other industries as well.

The Offer – Bringing the Synergies of Digital and Transformation Together
Polaris believes that digital transformation is foremost a business transformation with an enterprise wide effect. People (Customers, Partners, Colleagues), Process and Technology are the most important drivers in the digital transformation journey.

Polaris has spent substantial amount of time in researching and evaluating the rapidly evolving industry landscape and the next generation digital market needs. We have tried to understand what it takes for an organization to be Digital and adopt it successfully. Our experience will help organizations achieve substantial leverage in adopting holistic Digital Transformation and realising their vision to be a Simplified, Digital Organization providing Superior Customer Value.

Polaris’ Digital Enterprise 360 approach is an ‘Assess–Adopt–Grow’ strategy with roadmaps to transform Customer Experience, Operation & Technology Processes and build disruptive Business Models through a continuous innovation culture.

High Productivity Outsourcing (HPO)

Digital OUT – This focuses on customer experience transformation and brand value creation, via all customer touchpoints across organization channel, LOB, brands / product and services. It helps organizations maintain a Unified Digital Channel Experience for all its products and services across brands.

Digital IN – This focuses on maintaining a balancing act between Operational Efficiency and Technology adoption essential for achieving Superior Customer Experience.

Connected Ecosystem – A key technology area essential in building the connecting link between Business and Operations for seamless collaboration.

Enabling Ecosystem – This focuses on enabling Rapid Transformation through continuous Innovation, ready-to-use technology accelerators and strong Agile program governance with Development operations.

How Polaris Does It
In any organization, Business, Operations and Technology derive their objectives from the larger organizational goal. However, due to the inherent nature of the individual function, the three functions could carry different perspectives. As a Transformation partner, Polaris adopts a holistic approach to interrogate the stake-holders in beginning rather than focusing on only one or the other and discovering key requirements of a group that it had not spoken to when it is rather late and expensive to address them.

Our ‘Assess’ component provides holistic Due Diligence (DD) Methodology of assessing an organization’s readiness for Digital Transformation across Digital IN, Digital OUT, Connected Ecosystem and Enabling Ecosystem. Post DD, Digital Transformation recommendations are made based on 7 Key Digital Transformation criteria – Superior Experience, Collaborative Intelligence, Contextual Predictability, Omni-Presence, Process Transformation, Environment Friendliness and Preventive Security.

The ‘Adopt’ component focuses on 'Business as Usual' Transformation to build a balancing act of upgrading the current business and operational ecosystems to provide essential transformation while planning for disruptive solutions.

The ‘Growth’ component focuses on Design Thinking – an idea that Polaris has championed for a long time. We have built cutting edge design centres that make us stand apart and help our clients leverage it for ideating and building disruptive digital services and new business models, setting the stage for organizations to differentiate themselves.

What Polaris Offers

Polaris Offerings

Polaris Offering

Polaris Capabilities
Helping you think beyond the 'SMAC' stack.

Polaris Capabilities

Polaris with its Digital Enterprise Advisory, Disruption and Transformation services has digitally transformed leading organizations globally with its state-of-the-art innovation labs and over 500 dedicated Digital professionals. Some of its delivered value stories include:

  • 49% automation, 64% reduction in cost per transaction, 36% gain in capacity for a leading bank in Australia
  • Unified portal and mobile banking solutions for a leading bank in Vietnam
  • Wealth Management applications on iPad/ iPhone for a leading wealth management & life insurance provider in UK with 400,000+ HNW customers
  • Mobile banking application for a leading retail bank in Philippines  
  • Multi-channel banking app for a leading bank in the Middle East