Unlock Digital Transformation with Big Data Solutions

Built for speed, scale and cost advantages, Polaris solutions use our patented business and technology decomposition framework for massive data handling. Our Big Data experts will consolidate disparate data sources into a single repository that gives a 360º view of client and compliance data.

Visualize Big Data with Custom Dashboards

Manage Risks with Real – Time Data
Polaris visualization tools make the datalakes created by aggregating data from hundreds of discrete sources – work for the business. Real-time access to large datasets can identify operational, credit and liquidity risks before they cause problems.

Spot Hidden Sales Opportunities
Accessing Big Data on the fly through Polaris reporting tools helps business managers spot sales opportunities based on a total customer view. Predictive analytics help you determine a customer’s next likely need so you can take proactive market and sales action – including social analytics, web analytics and real-time business intelligence.

Gain Analytical Insight with Decision-Making Dashboards
Executives and line of business managers will have flexible reporting tools that enable them to visualize key metrics and analytics. They are able to pull the data they need from a datalake, design their own dashboards and use data to drive new revenue, improve operations, or eliminate risks from existing business.

Simplify Your Data Management Infrastructure

Speed Data Migration and Ongoing Management
Polaris maintains frameworks for migrating data from hundreds of systems into highly flexible datalakes. Our frameworks make data migration into Big Data structures faster and easier, which reduces initial Big Data design and implementation costs. Big Data structures are also easier and less expensive to maintain.

Get Scalable, Open-Source Solutions to Reduce Costs
Big Data solutions can draw on highly scalable, open source solutions to reduce development and operating costs. In addition, Big Data solutions can run on commodity hardware, further reducing technology costs without compromising speed or security.

Polaris Successes

Gain Customer Insight to Sell Treasury Services
Polaris created a Big Data repository for a leading global bank that improves payment services and gives the bank 360º customer insight for new product and service sales. The bank’s new Treasury Data Hub Repository pulls data on global treasury customers from more than 400 treasury applications around the world.

As a result, the bank’s account executives now have a single view of all global Treasury Services customers, with higher quality data and more efficient data management. The solution also reduces costs by using open-source software and low-cost hardware, along with more efficient processing of high-data volumes and a more accurate representation.

Comply with Regulatory Requirement in Near Real Time

To help a global market infrastructure provider ensure that trading clients comply with Dodd-Frank and similar regulations, Polaris designed and built a near real-time data repository for over-the-counter (OTC) trades. Regulators now have immediate, intraday access to trading data integrated with due-diligence and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance data. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, the Polaris solution provides new views of transaction and customer data for analysis. Polaris integrated data from multiple sources into a Big Data based operational data store (ODS) for high volume, high velocity, and high complexity data consolidation and access. The ODS also scrubs and transforms data where needed and ensures that it complies with business rules.