Enterprise content management (ECM) and the omni channel delivery of that content are central to any digital enterprise transformation strategy. Large enterprises demand a seamless digital online experience and are responding to customer demands by knocking down silos and creating more comprehensive digital experiences that draw on content from across the entire enterprise.

Digitally Transform Your Enterprise Content into an Omni Channel Experience

For 25 years Polaris has been offering world-class Enterprise Content Management services to some of the largest financial services institutions and most complex organizations across a broad range of industries around the world. We have implemented end-to-end global document management systems and Web Content Management solutions solution for over 200 large websites around the world. We know the compliance requirements for healthcare and financial services industries well and we are comfortable working in straight through processing environments.

End-to-End Services From Silos to Omni Channel

The user experience starts at the omni channel human touch points and flows into the deepest levels of the organization’s technology, business processes and digital content. We possess an in-depth understanding of the most sophisticated back-end systems and we know how to migrate your enterprise content and data from the back-end all the way through to the digital omni channel user interfaces be they desktop, web, mobile or social. We ensure that you won’t have different content for different channels. We transform your enterprise content, be it digital video and image, documents, or data into one version of the truth accessible by all channels.

With our Digital-Out and Digital-In solutions, Polaris digitizes all of your data, even your legacy data, and presents it visually through your new portals in a way that can be easily understood. Utilizing visualization and advanced analytics we help you listen to your data and make better decisions with it.

Our Canvas Technology features responsive design, enabling our customers to easily push mobile apps out more quickly across multiple channels and devices.

Polaris’ Enterprise Portal & Content Management Solutions feature:

  • Synchronized Technology and Marketing solutions for enhanced customer experience
  • Unified portal systems enabling document management and integrated data management, migration and maintenance to reduce redundancy and improve customer experience
  • Omni channel services and ecommerce for cross selling and innovative customer solutions


Creative, Out-of-the-Box Design Thinking

We engage with our customers through radical thought leadership exercises and demonstrate our commitment to their success through unique engagement models. Our Design Thinking process deconstructs customer problems and processes to find unique solutions. Our due diligence conducted at all levels of your organization ensures that a sound roadmap is put together and that the project stays on target. Our vendor agnostic practice offers expertise across multiple Content Management products from low cost open systems to premium software solutions.

A Pragmatic, Strategic and Comprehensive Plan

Polaris’ Enterprise Content Management Solutions provide a pragmatic, strategic and comprehensive approach that helps enterprises in the following ways:

  • Removes redundancies in content and legacy technologies while transitioning to customer oriented channel enablement
  • Brings critical analytics and consumer data to life through rich visualizations and gamification of customer interaction models
  • Maximizes social media and collaboration tools for new age customer relationship management
  • Connects customers to a technology agnostic mobility and web ecosystem that takes customer experience to an omni channel offering
  • Accesses greater efficiencies through Agile development, accelerators reusable templates, prototyping and automated deployment

Polaris’ ECM Solutions Provide:

  • A Clearly Defined Roadmap: Ensuring all the stakeholders (Business & IT) are onboard with long term goals and a clear visibility into strategy and work assignments

  • An integrated CXP & IT Approach: Joining Customer Experience Platforms (CXP) and IT technology to help in continuous innovation capabilities

  • A Synergistic and Parallel Approach: Linking Business and IT ecosystems

  • Integrated Customer Data and Analytics: Enabling access to a seamless, unified customer data store