On March 3, 2016, Virtusa acquired a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited (“Polaris”) to leverage the market presence and deep relationship that Polaris already built in the financial services space. During the integration period, we created a new market facing brand, VirtusaPolaris to represent the combined strengths of Virtusa and Polaris, including our strong software engineering heritage, deep domain expertise and focus on applying innovation to solving critical core business issues for clients. Having successfully completed the integration, we are now moving to the parent brand of Virtusa.


A symbol of energy and excellence. Instrumental in building tremendous leadership competencies across all levels in Organization.

For a Polarite, being a Konark is a status and obligation - a status because only a select few associates of the organization get to be identified and celebrated as Konarks. It is also an obligation as they take upon themselves the baton of values and leadership in the organization. They help to create the right ecosystem in the organization for value sustenance and also to help in transformation agenda of the organization from time to time. They also populate some of the most important and mission critical projects in the organization.

Polaris has been operating the Konark program over more than a decade. Every year, a set of associates across various functions and levels are nominated and selected for the Konark program based on their demonstrated commitment to organizational values, display of leadership skills and ability to generate passion and energy in their teams.

These individuals represent a true Polarite.


At Polaris you keep learning as you grow in the organization. You will imbibe the art of high performance thinking

Unmukt is central to Polaris philosophy. The term means ‘freedom of the mind’. UnMukt is a workshop for Polaris associates with the objective of 'Preparing the Design Mind'. Through stimulating activities the workshop creates an understanding of the need for freedom of the human mind and the importance of designing it to achieve efficiency and excellence.

It stresses that ‘Preparing the Design Mind’ is critical to achieve and deliver optimal design. It also emphasizes the need to have an open mind that is designed to receive new information and ideas in order to continue to learn and to grow.

Unmukt studies on ‘Preparing the Design Mind’ reveal simple steps and frameworks that help celebrate individual thought and collective inspiration.

High Performance Minds

High performance starts from the mind. The basic thinking process defines the way we absorb and respond to the world around us and enables us to deliver to high performance standards.

Good to Great Results

High performance allows you to set goals and expectations from yourself which is like setting benchmarks better than those known to yourself to move from "good to great".

High Performance Solutions

A high performance solution is like reading a customer’s mind and delivering beyond his expectations.

Banyan like Relationships

High performance enables you to contribute to what the customer is thinking and add value to his ideas. This connect helps our customer relationships to grow like the banyan over the long term, while rooted in strong reasoning.